I began my official career working with dogs by managing a local dog daycare and training facility.  I was able to immediately apply concepts I had learned through reading and seminars.  My instincts were strengthened by working with each dog that entered the facility.

I transitioned into a management position at a holistic pet supply store, assisting with a local feline rescue organization.  I learned the finer points of dog nutrition and clarified my passion for working with dog behavior through training. 

In 2015, I graduated from the Northwest School of Canine Studies, the only state-licensed canine academy in the Northwest.  I am dedicated to furthering my knowledge through continuing education courses and trainings.  I have studied animal learning theory and a broad range of science-based training techniques and practical applications.

  e r i c   s u e l t e n f u s s ,   C C S 

 e r i c   s u e l t e n f u s s ,   C C S 

Through the Northwest School of Canine Studies, I have joined a community of Force-Free practitioners, dedicated to changing the world of canine training.

Bridge The Bark does not use physical punishers, or otherwise unethical and inhumane techniques.  There are more effective techniques that will help your dog be a well-rounded and sound-minded canine. 

Eric is a former Airframe and Powerplant mechanic, originally from Boston and happy to have found a home in the pacific northwest.He loves spending time with his wife, his son, and his 3 dogs and 2 cats.