Bridge The Bark Mission

Helping Humans Help Their Dogs through science-based, humane and force-free dog training and behavior modification

Helping Humans Help Their Dogs

Bridge The Bark bridges the human-canine communication gap by helping humans understand the needs and signals of their dogs.


Clear Communication from Both Ends of the Leash

Bridge The Bark is committed to helping owners learn what their dogs are "saying" through science-based animal behavior education.


Science Based and Humane Dog Training

The methods used will teach humane owner relevance through science-based, force free and humane dog training and behavior modification.




Bridge The Bark

wants to help you learn how to help your dog live in the human world safely, peacefully and comfortably."

— Eric Sueltenfuss, CCS


Our dogs are communicating with us constantly.  

All too often, problem behaviors, embarrassing manners and bites occur because of simple miscommunication between a human and a dog. 

Miscommunication results in lost learning opportunities, missed training potential, and weakened bonds with our beloved companions.

On the heavier end, miscommunication results in heartbreaking re-homing and euthanasia.

If owners can understand how their dogs learn and what they are communicating, we can help to reduce the amount of re-homing, reduce the outrageously high number of perfectly wonderful dogs in shelters, and reduce the number of needless euthanasia simply because the shelter is too crowded.

So, when a scary, threatening or otherwise uncomfortable situation presents itself, the dog has a translator in his foreign world among fur-less giants.