Above and Beyond

"We have a wonderful German Shepherd, but she is very strong-willed. She had some behaviors that my husband and I could not fix on our own and we had given up. Eric was able to teach us the tools we needed to work with our dog.

We have never met anyone like Eric. His understanding of the canine mind is incredible; it’s as though he knows exactly what they are thinking.

He observed how our family dynamic worked and tailor-made a training plan to help us. He is very personable and kind, yet professional. You can tell that he genuinely cares about every dog that he encounters."

He went above and beyond to help us. We cannot recommend him enough.
— Asia and Christine Davis


"Eric gave me hope when I thought it was too late for our dog ever to be 'good'. 

Through patience, consistency, and learning better training techniques (focus!), we have made incredible strides and have found our joy again.

From not yanking us down the street to channeling her manic love of squirrels, we feel empowered."

we feel empowered - and have the skills to continue to improve our connection and bond and ultimately our dog’s behaviors.
— Pam and Steve Stuller, Richmond Beach

Helping Owners and Dogs Succeed

"Eric is an amazing trainer, very professional and you can tell how much he enjoys what he does helping owners and dogs succeed.

Eric has worked with us and my 2 dogs, who each have their own temperaments. He was able to immediately create a connection with both dogs and help us work on some great training exercises.

One of my dogs, who I adopted recently, is reactive when on leash to people and dogs, as well as takes time to warm up to new people she meets. Eric has worked with us to be able to have a plan each time she meets a new person to help her overcome the fears she has.

His experience and ability to connect with the dogs, as well as thorough time and dedication from basic to complex positive training aspects makes all the difference."

If you are looking for a reliable, passionate and dog/human savvy dog trainer, Eric is who you should call.
— Claudia Melzig

Just Like Life .  .  .  It's One Foot In Front Of the Other

"We recently finished a series of 6 one hour lessons with Eric. We had 3 dogs, all siblings from the same litter of Llewellyn English setters- all fast energetic dogs.

Eric taught us not only how to train these pups, but how to practice and build the skills we need to train any dog, skills that we can use for the rest of our lives.

Eric breaks it all down into very manageable and doable steps. Before, I was getting frustrated. I didn't see the path to where I wanted to be with my girl Sierra. Just like life, it's one foot in front of the other, no leaping to far ahead, baby steps at first.

Now I feel like I can do a lot more. It's all a process. He showed us how. The best part of Eric is not only that he has a great connection to the dogs, but he appreciates us, the people, the handlers. He knows how to find the good in everyone, and encourage the positive. He made us feel really good about our own efforts, which in turn encouraged us.

I raised my 2 children with a positive discipline approach. Eric teaches us the handlers and our dogs with a positive discipline approach."

I am privileged to have stumbled across him and the gift that he has to give.
— Elizabeth Loveland

Skill, Experience, Compassion and Results

"Eric is an excellent combination of skill, experience, compassion and results.  I sought Eric out after having my dog for about a year.  I adopted my 80lb black mix when he was two years old.  We worked through some fear/ reactivity issues with another trainer.  His obedience is okay, but not fool proof. He is also not keen on strangers in the house. 

Eric has been helping us work skills and drills to give me and my husband the tools we need to work with our fur-kid. I like that Eric teaches not only the dog, but the humans too.

His prices are more than reasonable, and he comes to you! He has a special way with special dogs who need more time and space due to fear. In addition to our lab mix, we also have a foster in the home who is especially fearful, and therefore reactive. He was able to intro himself to the foster in such a way, that the foster accepted him as "safe."

Eric from Bridge The Bark is fluent in both dog and human.
Highly Recommended!
— Jessica Rennon