Bridge The Bark
Bridge The Bark
Science-Based and Humane Dog Training

Science-based and humane

Dog Training

BRIDGE THE BARK bridges the human-canine communication gap by helping humans understand the needs and signals of their dogs. 


Training Philosophy

Bridge The Bark uses a "whole dog" approach.  Eric will look at more than the unwanted behavior.  He will look for why the dog is misbehaving. 

Understanding why the dog is misbehaving is crucial to behavior modification.  It is crucial that a dog's basic drives and needs be met.

If we:

  • teach a dog legal from illegal
  • appropriate from inappropriate
  • are consistent in our demands
  • and set reasonable expectations
  • are fair but firm in those expectations

 Then the dog will only have success as an option.

Bridge The Bark teaches humans to be leaders, not dictators or tyrants.   Humans and dogs can develop a mutual trust and respect for each other. 



understanding the why

Understanding why your dog is misbehaving is crucial to behavior modification. It is crucial to understand the basic drives and needs of your dog.




Helping humans help their dogs

Teaching your dog appropriate from inappropriate behavior will set them up for success in the human world.  




enhancing the human-canine bond

 If we are consistent in our demands and set reasonable expectations, then the dog will willingly want to follow our lead.  Humans and dogs can develop a mutual trust and respect for each other.  


Our Mission

BRIDGE THE BARK is committed to helping owners learn what their dogs are "saying" through high quality training and behavior modification. The methods used will teach humane OWNER RELEVANCE and CLEAR COMMUNICATION from both ends of the leash.

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Bridge The Bark uses only humane, force-free and science-based behavior anaylsis and training techniques.  


Behavior Consultations 

1.5-2 hr behavior consultation to assess  your specific case, develop a treatment plan with hands-on demonstration and coaching.


In-Home follow ups

1 hour private in-home follow-ups reviewing skills from the initial consultation.  Follow ups may take place in the client's house, or offsite for ‘real life’ practice.


Day Breaks

1 or 2 hour customized enrichment sessions that include a combination of leash walks, brain games and physical games to exercise your dog while you’re at work.


Board and Train

Eric will pick up your dog and board them at his house while performing all training and behavior modification.

private basic skills and enrichment

Private consultation and follow-up sessions for clients looking to teach or polish their dog’s basic skills, teach them a new game or other enrichment games. 


day training

Eric will come and work with your dog one-on-one teaching skills and behaviors, and performing counter-conditioning for behaviors based in fear,  reactivity and aggression both in-home and offsite as applicable.


Walk and Train

One hour training walk to address reactivity,  leash pulling, leash biting, focus and impulse control. 


We have never met anyone like eric. 


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Eric Sueltenfuss is a Certified Canine Specialist through the Northwest School of Canine Studies.  He is dedicated to furthering his knowledge through continuing education courses and trainings.  He has studied animal learning theory and a broad range of science-based training techniques and practical applications.

Bridge The Bark is part of a community of Force-Free practitioners, dedicated to changing the world of canine training. 


We understand that some people want to find out a little more about the cost & availability of services before booking a consultation.  Please click on the link above to find out more.  


You might have some questions that you would like answered before booking.  Eric would be happy to chat with you and find out if Bridge The Bark is a good fit for your needs. 


Learn more about the science behind Humane and Force Free Training Techniques, and how they differ from other traditional training methods.